ASP.Net Primer

The Tao of .Net

  The Quest   Who among us does not wish to create perfect code? This quest is fraught with intellectual paradoxes. We ponder the wisdom of utilizing the latest technology against the backdrop of immature products fraught with bugs and unsupported features. We desire to be centered in the Tao, yet ever looming deadlines can prevent the knowledge quest and tempt us to write hack code.

Thank goodness for the world wide web.  We all get stumped and need technical help from those who traveled a road before us.  Thumbs up to everyone who has:
      Written technical articles
      Posted sample code
               Responded in forums

  The Sage   Do we control our code, or does it control us? Lines becomes blurred on who serves the other. But surely the addition of each new feature should not correlate to another all night marathon. What can we do to work smarter instead of harder? The GeekPhilosopher assembles the wisdom of sages who've been there, done that. Their principles will help bring a balance and centeredness - the Tao of Software!

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